Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Seafolly - Fresh Air -

Seafolly Swim 12 collection is a really fresh and young collection. When you're seeing the collection you just want to be in the beach, enjoying the summer.

Seafolly is a fresh swimwear brand which inspire me the Summer... The collection is feminine, glamour and chic.

Also I love the fact that they are using Marlies Horst... She's beautiful and have a fresh and natural beauty....

Let's go to Summer!!!!

Enjoying and having fun.

Feminine, colored, is a fresh collection that's makes us feel the coming summer....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bantu - Contemporary Swim -

Bantu, this new brand 100% coming from Africa is building a image in the swimwear Industry. Using Patterns direct from the typical African wax cloth.

Bantu is a contemporary swimwear brand, ethnic but not 'Cliche'. Is a breakdown with the the typical Ethnic swimwear 

I really like this brand not only for their collection but also because of developing a exclusive collection. I just want to be in the beach and wear one of these bikini....

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Muther Of All Things - New Surf attitude-

Muther Of All things, Spring- Summer 12 collection is a usefull, and sophisticated collection. They are making a fusion between fashion and function. 

Muther Of All Things is a mix between sporty attitude and
feminity, using nice prints, detailling... Is a urban collection and they are keeping in mine that your bikini could be sexy, sophisticated and having a 'sporty touch'.

 I'm a fan of this print is really nice- really cute Mozaic

 Really nice work and shape - like the mix and the proportion of this different shapes-

Monday, March 5, 2012

Feeling Summertime....

  I can't wait and I'm already thinking about my holiday... I want to touch the sand, to swim, feel the sun... In this post I just want to share some colorfull pictures which inspire me and dream about summer.........

Guia La Bruna - Fruity Swim Collection-

  Guia La Bruna- Spring/Summer 12 collection- is,as always, really nice. The patterns are really cute, love the ditzie flowers, patchworks between all the different prints. Is a fresh collection, feminine, authentic and magic.

I also love to have a bikini with cute details, big bows, frills and nice colors. Is fruity, sexy and fresh. Guia La Bruna is back with a cute and feminine collection.... Is for me one of the nicer brand.

 L.O.V.E. Big Bows... Amazing!!! nice pattern combo...

So cute.. the shape is so nice, the print the details... Really nice piece!!!

I <3 this dress... The pattern is so nice and really like the pop color on....