Saturday, January 28, 2012

Odile de Changy - Ode a la feminity-

  Odile de Changy collection was seen in Le Salon de La Lingerie in Paris. It called my attention because all the items I've seen were so delicate and feminine.

  On her new collection, she 's using delicate fabrics, leavers, Dentelle de chantilly.... All the delicacy, fineness and the  sophistication is represented.

  I really liked the fact that all the different items looks so delicate and feminine... When I saw the collection, I have the feeling to go back to my dreams.... 

  Odile de Changy, is for me a really delicate and authentic French Lingerie Brand. Using french laces, frills, mesh, silk... is an 'Ode a La Feminite '.

 This one.... Is the one I love.... It called my attention in the fair...
I love the delicacy of the lace, the frills... Is my COUP DE COEUR of the collection.

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