Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tosca Delfino - Swimwear Collection -

  The swimwear collection of Tosca Delfino is inspired by Ethnic Tribal and Chic  Attitude. The collection is fresh, using really nice patterns.... and always having a vintage touch.  

  My prefer one Il Delfino... But also I really like the Hood Swimsuit Denim by the sea item.

  The Tosca Delfino is a cute and Feminine collection... With nice details:  frills, really nice shapes... I love the bottoms: High Waits, nice curves...

  I really like the aura of her collection... Between a urban, bohemian and ethnic woman...

My Coup the coeur... Love the pattern, the high waist brief and the frills.....
Il Delfino

 I love the swimsuit wit a hood. It look so urban
Denim by the sea

I really like the mix between the 2 fabrics... Is contemporary

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